The curious case of GIFTS!

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Steady Words from Juggling Thoughts

I have recently been contemplating the idea of GIFTS because everyone in my class had received a gift from their Secret Santa and I had not (FYI – I got it later, my Santa was just a little lazy! You have been a bad boy Santa 😛 ). Also because I have never received a birthday gift on my b’day (since the time I remember). It got me thinking about why do I even want a gift? How does it matter? Santa isn’t real. It certainly doesn’t describe whether I had been a good girl in 2016 or not. I have always received other gifts if not a b’day gift. Then why do I care about it so much?

Well frankly, I haven’t met a single soul on this earth who doesn’t love gifts. Be it an XBOX or a tiny card. It is that one thing which even the devil…

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